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Enrichment Program for Young Learners

Banana Music's new Enrichment Program is an exciting way to offer music and movement enrichment at your preschool, day care, pre-K, library, hospital, or other child care center.

Our program is designed to cover educational goals and objectives derived from the Pennsylvania State Learning Standards for Early Childhood Pre-Kindergarten Music and Movement Education.









Curriculum: We have developed a curriculum that incorporates songs, chants, movement activities and rhythm techniques using a variety of musical styles and genres, including songs from various cultures. Learners will explore and use different instruments, participate in teacher-guided music and movement activities, sing familiar songs, chants, and finger plays, and dance to different types of music. Our teachers use a variety of props to enhance the activities in an informal, FUN, semi-structured interactive educational class!

Supplemented Learning: Our program includes complementary resources for parents and teachers to help facilitate integration between our music classes, the center, and home. 


Special Needs: We have experience performing for special needs children and our program is available to bring to special education schools.  

In addition to our enrichment program we also offer single workshops and assembly performances.


Contact Anna Banana to discuss availability and details:

(267)930-7503 or

*Banana Music LLC's Enrichment Program for schools is different from and not affiliated with the wonderful "Music for Aardvarks and Other Mammals" program which we also separately offer!

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