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 "Great exposure to music, instruments and other children. Anna really knows how to flow through the class and adjust to the kids' needs."

-Philly mom

"Anna is incredible! We have been attending Banana Music classes since they started in Philly. Our son immediately had an instant bond with Anna, she is so welcoming and gives each child her full attention and makes them feel involved. We will definitely enroll our younger son as soon as he is old enough to participate. It has definitely had an important role in our older son's educational development and improved his social skills without doubt, and thoroughly recommend Banana Music."

~Jamie and Debbie, Philly Dad and Mom of 2

"(Child) loves to "Go Bananas!"Anna Banana provides an opportunity for kids to react freely to music. Her enthusiasm is's a fun and happy time for the kids and adults. You leave the class feeling energized!

-Philly Granny

"I enjoyed watching my daughter explore and have a blast at each class. I think her favorite class activity is the scarves!"

-Philly mom


"Anna Banana is great with the kids and always a ray of sunshine!"

-Kristiana, Philly mom of 2 


"My son goes to daycare four days a week so he has regular social activity, but this was his first time in a structured class setting. At first, he was sad to see the shakers go "bye bye" but by the end of class, he was happy to help the rest of the class clean up!"

-Heather, Philly mom

"I would talk very highly about Anna and her great energy. I would also say that kids are free to be themselves and enjoy the music at the same time."

-Philly mom


"It's so fun! Great quality time activity for parent and child. My baby loved choosing his favorite instruments to play with."  

-Deana G, Philly mom

"I was a little worried about (child's) reaction to his first class as I am with any first event. (Child) can be shy and sometimes a long warm up period, but not for this music class! He enjoyed it from the start."

-Philly mom 


 "I only get worried that my daughter won't be able to move around and do her own thing. She is not great in an environment with many boundaries at this point. Thankfully the class and Anna were awesome about this, and she could move around and come back to the circle when she wanted."

-Philly mom

About Our Birthday Parties:

We had Anna Banana come to our home for our 2 yo son's bday party. Mostly 5 yo girls were at the party (his big sister's friends). She kept the little kids and the bigger kids entertained the entire time, and she paid extra attention to my daughter, which was great because she tends to get jealous. It was lots of fun, the kids and adults all had a great time. I would definitely recommend Anna for a children's party!~Mom of 2yr and 5 yr old

"Anna had the attention of all the kids (age 4 months to 8 years) right from the go. She played our kid's favorite songs and brought shakers, drums, scarves, music sticks and a parachute. Anna was energetic and engaging and both kids and parents had fun." ~Mom of 2yr & 4 yr old

"We hired Anna to provide entertainment for our daughter's 2nd birthday party. And without a doubt it was the best decision we ever made! Anna's birthday music class was amazing. The children had so much fun and were completely engaged for the entire 45 minutes. And I'm pretty sure all of the adults in attendance had just as much fun as the kids! Anna was so easy and pleasant to work with. Getting the logistics of the event ironed out ahead of time was a breeze. Anna, we can't thank you enough for all you did to make our daughter's party so special. You took the time to learn the names of all of the children at the party, and you personalized the class with some of our daughter's favorite songs. We look forward to working with you again soon!" ~Mom of 2 yr old

"Anna did a phenomenal job performing at my daughter's first birthday party. Although the children ranged in age, all had a fantastic time; one child even said that it was the best party he has ever been to! Anna's performance was not only entertaining, but also educational. Anna brings many props and musical instruments along with her, so the kids have a multisensory experience. Her enthusiasm and bubbly personality engaged not only the kids, but also the adults. Anna took great care to personalize the performance and played my daughter's favorite songs. She also made sure to incorporate all of the kids and made them feel special by using their names in her songs. Her professionalism and enthusiasm toward what she does are unrivaled. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would." -Mom of 1 yr old

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